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Anjali, living in Canada with her parents, hides her relationship to the musician Raja from her parents. When her sister dies during the birth of twins, she abandons her love, marries the widower Aditja and moves to New Delhi to become the new mother of her sister's children. Three years later, when Raja visits Delhi on his concert tour their love inflames again.

Rating: NR
Genre: Art House & International, Drama
Directed By: Dharmesh Darshan
Written By: Dharmesh Darshan
In Theaters: Feb 24, 2005  Wide
On Disc/Streaming: Jun 28, 2005
Runtime: 149 minutes


Bewafaa 2005 | Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan



Review from Just Watched - by Roland Singh

"Bewafaa," directed by Dharmesh Darshan, is a 2005 Bollywood film that takes audiences on a poignant journey through the lives of individuals navigating the complexities of love, duty, and cultural identity. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Montreal, Canada, and the bustling cityscape of New Delhi, India, the film offers a captivating glimpse into the experiences of the Indian diaspora.

The narrative follows Anjali (Kareena Kapoor), a young woman caught between her love for a struggling musician, Raja (Akshay Kumar), and her sense of duty towards her family. After the tragic death of her sister, Aarti (Sushmita Sen), Anjali marries her brother-in-law, Aditya (Anil Kapoor), to care for her sister's newborn twins. This decision sets the stage for a dramatic exploration of Anjali's internal conflict as she struggles to reconcile her past and present.

One of the film's strengths lies in its rich portrayal of cultural intersections. Anjali's life in Montreal highlights the blend of English and Hindi cultures, showcasing the challenges and beauty of living between two worlds. The film's setting in Montreal adds a layer of authenticity and relatability for those familiar with the city, making it a treat for viewers who enjoy seeing recognizable locales on screen.

While "Bewafaa" delves deeply into the emotional landscapes of its characters, it also touches on themes of loyalty and sacrifice. Anjali's journey is a testament to the complex choices faced by many within the diaspora, where traditional values often clash with modern aspirations. The film's ability to navigate these themes with sensitivity and depth is commendable, making it a compelling watch for audiences interested in cultural narratives.

However, the film is not without its lighter moments. A humorous subplot involving a debate over Superman's various costume changes adds a touch of whimsy, even if it feels somewhat disconnected from the main storyline. The argument about the significance of Supermans sartorial choices seems trivial compared to the weighty decisions faced by the main characters, but it provides a brief respite from the film's intense emotional beats.

Overall, "Bewafaa" is a heartfelt drama that successfully captures the essence of the Indian diaspora experience. Its exploration of love, loss, and cultural identity is both moving and thought-provoking. Despite some moments of melodrama, the film's strong performances, especially by Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar, ensure that it resonates with viewers.

For anyone looking to immerse themselves in a story that beautifully weaves together English and Hindi cultures in Montreal, "Bewafaa" is a must-watch. It is a film that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love and family.



IMDb Summaries

—Moritz Muehlenhoff
  • Anjali lives in Canada with her parents and is in love with Rockstar Raja. Aarti elder sister of Anjali is married to Aditya she is the only one aware of their relationship. Aarti passes away after giving birth two twin daughters then Anjali scarifies her love by marrying much older Aditya to take care of the newborns living Raja heart broken. Anjali tries her best to fulfill Aarti's place in Aditya's life but Aditya feels no one can replace her.Anjali and Aditya later move to Delhi with their kids few years later Raja also comes to Delhi for his concert and comes across Anjali they start getting old feelings for each other but will Anjali sacrifice Aditya and her kids for Raja.

  • With a mixed ethnic background of English and Hindi, Anjali lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her parents. There she meets with a young struggling musician named Raja, and they both fall in love, but cannot share their love openly. Anjali's parents are very strict with their Hindu values and Anjali fears they won't consent of Raja and her. When Anjali's India-based, married, and pregnant sister, Aarti Sahani, comes for a visit she takes her to be introduced to Raja, and Aarti approves of him, promising Anjali she will try to convince their parents to allow Raja to marry Anjali. Then Aarti goes into delivery mode and tragically dies after giving birth to twin daughters. This crisis is resolved when Anjali is asked to consider marrying Aarti's businessman husband, Aditya, in accordance with Hindu traditions. Fearing that the twins will be neglected and harmed if Aditya re-marries someone else, she consents, and a quiet marriage ceremony takes place, and thereafter they relocate to India with the twins. Years pass by, Aditya is engrossed in his business, and has no time for Aarti, who yearns for his company and makes every attempt to be a good wife, going to the extent of trying to look exactly like Aarti and to please him. However, he shows no signs of affection. And then in a twist of fate, Raja comes to India for a tour, and re-meets with a much more subdued and mature Anjali bringing back old feelings. The only thing stopping these two from being together is Anjali's sacrifice and commitment for Aarti to take care of her children and husband, Aditya-not to mention two busy bodies Aditya calls "friends," Dil and Pallo

  • Anjali lives in Montreal, Canada with her parents. She meets with a young man named Raja, and both fall in love. When Anjali's India-based married sister, Aarti Sahai, comes for a visit she takes her to be introduced to Raja, and Aarti approves of him. Raja is also introduced to the family, and there is all-round approval. Then Aarti gets pregnant, tragically passes away, after giving birth to twin daughters, which results in a crisis in the family. This crisis is resolved when Anjali is asked to marry Aarti's businessman husband, Aditya, in accordance with Hindu traditions. Fearing that the twins will be neglected and harmed if Aditya re-marries someone else, she consents, and a quiet marriage ceremony takes place, and thereafter they relocate to India with the twins. Years pass by, Aditya is engrossed in his business, and has no time for Aarti, who yearns for his company and makes every attempt to be a good wife, going to the extent of trying to look exactly like Anjali, and to please him. However, Raja shows no signs of affection. And then Raja comes to India for a tour, meets with a much more subdued and mature Aarti - and they rekindle old flames - only to run into an angry Aditya and his friends - who will do their best to prevent Aarti from getting back with Raja.

  • Of Indian-origin Anjali lives in Canada with her Canadian mother and Indian father. She loves a budding musician Raja, of which she kept as a secret from her parents, she meets Raja on the sly and both has plans to get married after she has reveal this secret to her parents. When Anjali's elder married sister, Aarti Sahai, comes for a visit she reveal the secret about Raja to her sister and introduces her to him. Aarti does approve of Raja and promises the couple that she will convince her parents of their true love. Then Aarti has the sullen of the occurrence of an unknown pregnancy, gives birth to twin daughters and passed away. On discovering the plight of Aarti's businessman husband, Aditya and her nieces, Anjali decides to fill the place of Aarti and so get married to Aditya and relocates to India in Delhi with the twin. Aditya, is so much engrossed in business activities that he hardly finds any time for his sister-in-law turned wife Anjali or his two lovable daughters from Aarti. Anjali fulfills every role asked for her by the society but cannot bridge the gap between herself and Aditya. She finds herself in a marriage that has no compatibility but only compromise. Her only source of solace are the twins. Amidst all this, one fine day Raja who is now a famous fusion singer walks back into her life. Suddenly Anjali is torn between two men - her indifferent husband and her ex-lover. And before you know it she had embarked on to an extra-marital affair with Raja. But Aditya soon makes friends with Dil Arora and Pallavi Arora who will only wait for an opportunity to expose Anjail and her true colours to Aditya.





Planet Bollywood
Reviewed by: Shahid Khan - Rating: 4.0

There are worse films to sit through than “Bewafaa”, I kept reminding myself as I groaned at every cheesy moment rolled out in Dharmesh Darshan’s epic. 

Grand houses, never-ending stairs, luxury cars combined with fake emotions and insincere acting form the make-up of “Bewafaa”. 

Kareena Kapoor is Anjali, a girl in Canada who is in love with Indian Raja (Akshay Kumar), an aspiring pop-star. Her first scene is when she is being woken up by her mother in the morning (just like countless other heroine introduction scenes in many films) and when you see Kareena getting out of bed with her hair and make-up perfect, you soon realise that what you are watching is a glamorous melodrama. In other words, there is going to be no semblance of realism here. 

It seems like Raja lives on a boat because he is always there singing his romantic numbers and doing the naughty dance moves with Anjali. His orange goatee has obviously worked its charm because Anjali is smitten with him. Enter didi Aarti (Sushmita Sen) out of nowhere with a baby bump in tow. She is married to the “invisible man” (Anil Kapoor as Aditya) who is a businessman (working for some “invisible business”). After Aarti has sung her song, it is time for her to die. And indeed she does kick the bucket right after she has given birth to twins (poor Sushmita doesn’t even get a dying scene speech!). 

Before you can say, “when is the intermission?”, Anjali marries Aditya to be the mother of those unfortunate twins. All this happens without even a word of explanation to Raja. Looks like his orange goatee just was not charming enough. Anjali tries her best but the problem for her is that Aditya is too busy being engrossed in his work or pining away for his dead wife. So when a newly packaged Raja (with lovely sideburns and no orange goatee!) comes back into her life, she is tempted to be a bewafaa. It is not made easy for Anjali as Dil and Pallavi (Manoj BajpaiShamita Shetty) escape from the Clown Academy to torture her. 

Manoj Bajpai is the biggest disappointment in this soap opera. It is no secret that he is a talented actor yet his hammy acting is the main downfall of this movie. His main catchphrase is “yaaahooo” and his creepy sense of humour has every character in splits. Just what are they laughing at? Anil, especially, chortles away like there is no tomorrow. Maybe there is a button which Manoj presses that automatically makes Anil go “Ha Ha Ha”. Shamita Shetty as his wife fares little better as she also comes across as being completely loopy and dizzy (when she is meant to be intimidating). 

As the main protagonist, Kareena Kapoor does justice to her role. She has become an expert at crying scenes and indeed she has plenty of those to chew her way through in here. Akshay Kumar doesn’t bother with acting. He just says his lines and experiments with his hair. Sushmita Sen looks good and shows off her infectious giggle. Anil Kapoor is wasted, as all he seems to do is go to work and then come home. With such an interesting cast, only Dharmesh Darshancould waste most of their efforts. As for the remainder of the supporting artistes, Kabir Bedi and Nafisa Ali, they are just about bearable. 

The film was promoted as being different because apparently it talks about adultery and whether adultery is ever right or wrong. This is just an old mink dressed in a new coat because “Bewafaa” never tackles anything new or thought provoking. It skims over the issue. Kareena and Akshay’s characters do meet up but they are not shown consummating their affair so whether adultery has been committed or not is a debatable argument. Essentially, the script belongs to the old school of thought and if you are familiar with the endings of all Dharmesh Darshan films, you can predict the outcome of “Bewafaa”.

While the story is too predictable, it is hard to understand just why Anjali never informs Raja about her decision to marry her dead sister’s husband. This shows her up as being selfish and unfeeling (ironic, considering her sacrifice) and her later regret does not seem genuine. The second half is too slow and lacks the momentum that can grip an audience. The climax is a letdown. 

There certainly are worse films to sit through than “Bewafaa”. The director’s previous “Haan… Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya” is one such example. But it is with “Bewafaa” that you feel remorse at such a waste of talent and story potential. 





**½ Seher K December 6, 2007
there is something in this movie which keeps me wanting to watch it over and over. Not a single time have I been able to watch it in one go, but the bits and pieces have always kept me longing to see in wholly and in isolation. worth watching performances.


*** Sylvia A. October 24, 2022
I really enjoy films that have as their backdrop a well known city. I happen to live in Montreal now so it was fun seeing bits and pieces of the city in the back ground and trying to identify them. I grew up, however in Baltimore. I remember being so excited to be able to recognize with my friends, many of the Baltimore locations of such blockbusters as ”Diner” (1982), “Tin Men” (1987), “Avalon” (1990), and “Liberty Heights” (1999). The director, Barry Levinson, really loves his hometown since he set all of those movies there.

Now regarding the locations in Bewafaa. I easily recognized the distinctive Second Empire style Montreal Clock down at the old port, and Montreal City Hall which was designed by architects Henri-Maurice Perrault and Alexander Cowper Hutchison, and built between 1872 and 1878. I just love that building's architecture.

A far as the rest of my critique of Bewafaa, I thought that the script belongs to the old school of thought. It actually was a remake of an old B.R.Chopra classic Gumrah. Everyone expected that the film would be a success because of its successful songs and well known stars. I gave the film three stars, but really don't feel that it was as successful as some of his other films. Maybe I am too harsh, but maybe he is resting on his reputation on gained by such films ad, Raja Hindustani, starring Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor. It was one of the biggest blockbusters of the 90s. Since then he's had his ups and downs. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to his next film.


****½ Pranav K September 8, 2007
terrific drama dealing w/ conflicting desires; reminds us of Indian values. great script and awesome songs; just a bit filmy.


**** Vikram T September 1, 2007
Indian film without a good can never happen. but a shitty film


***** Private U August 24, 2007
at the first i was like "what the??" but then its such a great movie... "a women can be unfaithfull to..., but she can never be unfaithfull to her children... the truth is they were never my sister's children, they were always mine... my children"


***** Munazzah K August 12, 2007
Kareena really blossoms in character roles..what happens when your past catches up with your present..very good movie about whom one'd choose, your first love or your husband.


**** Shaya J August 9, 2007
Great Movie... I know at the ending what she did was right... but it was still kind of upsetting... I mean she loved Akshay


*** Nalini S  July 24, 2007
songs are good. kareena still has indian/british accent even though she supposed to be bought up in canada...akshay wears a lot of makeup after he makes his comeback years later in kareena's life... i was kinda disappointed that they killed off sushmita so soon, i love her!


***** Private U July 4, 2007
Moral of the story do you help the family or do you help yourself


****½ Yara M June 23, 2007
i liked this movie so much but actually didn't like anil's character


** Private U June 20, 2007
Manoj Bajpai was the only entertaining character


Private U June 18, 2007
how much hurts when sumone become bewafaa in love :(


***½ Shavira N  June 18, 2007
it had great songs but if you watch the movie a lot you won't like it as much


*Krishan S June 15, 2007
i thought this movie would never end... it had so many problems from story to dialog to acting... unbearable


*** Nonit D June 7, 2007
It was a good movie!!!


***** Ali J June 7, 2007
guy in the movie named Dil is completely unstable. was waiting for him to pz someone. wasn't really tuned into reality


**** Safriya K May 27, 2007
amazing movie. the cast is wonderful.good story line about love,family and betrayal.